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Product Focus: Bladnoch Distillery

This time we focus on one of the six remaining Lowland distilleries.

Bladnoch Distillery is a Single malt Scotch whisky distillery and one of six remaining Lowland distilleries still operating. Situated on the banks of the River Bladnoch, it's the most southerly whisky distillery in Scotland.

Bladnoch Distillery recently underwent refurbishments and re-opened in the spring of 2017, with much new equipment, including a 5-tonne mash tun, six Douglas Fir wooden washbacks, two 12,500 litre capacity wash stills, two 9,500 litre capacity low wines stills, and a steam boiler that will be fuelled with LPG.

Bladnoch Distillery opened its Visitor Centre and Melba Cafe at an official opening ceremony on 11 September 2019. The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay unveiled a commemorative plaque during the ceremony.

PX Sherry Casks

The Pedro Ximenez originated from the southern regions of Spain. PX cask wood provides an intense, raisiny sweetness that marries beautifully with the smoky power of the whiskies regular release to create a rich tasting, power-house of a malt.

Due to it’s significant favourability with collectors, whiskies matured in PX Casks are more sought after and typically show higher trajectory in value.

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