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Frequently Asked Questions
What's a good entry level Whisky?

The most important factor is time, experience shows that holding a cask for at least five years is likely to yield considerably higher returns. Our experts will provide different options based on current market conditions, preferred timescale and average investment size.

What's the volume of a whisky cask?

Casks vary in capacity based on barrel type. Here are some common barrel types and their approximate capacity:

  • Barrel: 190-200 litres (approximately 270-285 bottles)
  • Hogshead: 225-250 litres (approximately 320-355 bottles)
  • Butt: 475-500 litres (approximately 675-715 bottles)
What is ‘first fill’ and ‘refill’?

The terms ‘first fill’ and ‘refill’ relate to the casks themselves. First fill is when the cask is being used to mature whisky for the first time, thus refills being a term for once the cask is used in the same process a second, and subsequent times.

When will my whisky cask mature?

It is your choice as to how long you hold your whisky cask in storage. We see whiksy as a medium-to-long term investment and recommend holding onto your casks for at least 5-10 years, casks over 15 years old see fantastic returns!

Why casks and not bottles?

Collectors often start by purchasing bottles, due to their accessibility and product offering. As a preference for investors, the next level of ownership is through the casks themselves, due to it's wholesale approach and appreciation over time.

Will I incur taxes on my purchase?

Whisky cask investment can be the perfect opportunity for a tax-savvy investor. In many regions, whisky casks are not subject to capital gains tax. However, your whisky would be subject to taxes if you bottled your cask of whisky at the end of your investment; you would pay both VAT and Duty.

Before making a final decision to invest in whisky casks, we highly recommend consulting your personal tax professional as each investor’s financial and tax situation is unique.

Where is my whisky held after I purchase my casks?

Our bonded warehouse partners provide documentation evidencing what they hold in the warehouse for The Heritage Cask Company and our partners. This information includes ownership certificate, cask number with barcode and year of make.

Is my whisky insured?

Yes. All cask whisky purchased from The Heritage Cask Company comes with 1-5 years insurance included in the price. Documentation is provided on request.

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