The Global Whisky Market
Participate in the whisky cask market, tax-free with one of the most secure asset classes.
Cask whisky will naturally appreciate over time, this is a given. Gaining access to cask whisky had been a complicated process for individual investors but times are changing.

Pricing and provenance are key when starting your journey with cask whisky. Once you get those right you should be able to see returns from 12% to 20% per annum like many other investors before you.

“The Heritage Cask Co. has direct access to distilleries across the UK and Ireland and it is these relationships that are key to sourcing you the best whisky available.”
Maturity Matters

Whether you are purchasing a pallet of new-make whisky or 10-year-old single malt our recommendation would be to allow your stock to mature for as long as possible.

The rate of appreciation in the value of whisky accelerates exponentially from year 7 onwards.

A whisky that has aged over 10 years will typically attract the most interest from collectors and are in high demand, with record prices being set at auction each year.

The Scotch Whisky industry provides £5.5bn in gross value added (GVA) to the UK economy.

How to enter & exit the market

A 4 step process to entering and exiting the Whisky Market.

01 Selection

Pricing and providence is key when selecting which whisky casks to invest into. Once we know your investment budget and how long you would like to hold it for, we can then recommend the perfect casks to fit your financial strategies.

02 Securing your Whisky

Our purchasing process is very simple. Upon trade completion we would distribute physical ownership certification for each cask in your portfolio with all your key ownership details. This would be within 10 working days of receipt of funds from you.

03 Storage

Your Casks will be stored in a government HMRC bonded warehouse. Each cask is barcoded with the owners personal details as they retain full ownership rights. Visits are available by appointment.

04 Exit

As you are the owner of your whisky, it will always be your final decision on how and when to liquidate your portfolio. We can assist you through our network of private Investors and collectors, private auctions or independent bottling companies. All these options are quick and reliable.

Register your interest and begin your whisky journey.