Portfolio Management
We have passion and combined knowledge of whisky as a product, as an investment and as part of a country’s heritage and culture.

We like to think of ourselves as experts who build sound relationships with clients, through focused and ongoing account management, understanding and supporting short and long term goals to find purchasing solutions that work every time.

Understanding how cask whisky works

Understandably and especially if you are new to the whisky investment market, how ownership and warehousing works can be confusing and unfamiliar. Here we give some additional information and context to help you become more familiar with the process and standards.

Until your cask whisky is ready to be bottled it must remain stored in a government approved bonded warehouse. Although cask whisky can be sold whilst held in bond fairly easily, duty and excise must be paid upon its release.

More than 90% of Scotch production is sold abroad, generating 25% of all British food and drink exports.

The restrictions described above mean that anyone who wanted to purchase cask whisky in the past would have to first secure an account with a bonded warehouse before they could store their  whisky in their own name.

In addition and adding another layer of complexity if the individual or entity were acting as a commercial, for example holding a large number of casks or in fact bottling casks they may also be required to become WOWGR registered.

The complexities described above have historically been seen as a barrier to entering the investment marketplace and you can see why!  

Whisky can hedge against inflation and low interest rates due to it’s tax free and highly liquid asset class
Dedicated Portfolio Management

The Heritage Cask Co. is able to guide you in and out of the whisky market with our fully tailored management service. With a line of procurement to some of the world's best whisky casks not only can we source you the best opportunities we can also monitor the market and look to assist you smoothly in your exit when it's time to liquidate.

When opening an account with Heritage Cask Co., our clients automatically benefit from our Portfolio Management service. No matter how large or small your portfolio may be, you will receive access to all our services and customer care.

What's Included
An Ownership Certificate stating your casks specifications.
Insurance & storage just £75 per year 
Full portfolio management service
Regular updates and company newsletter
Access to view your holding at our approved storage facility by appointment
A yearly 20cl sample of your whisky so you can track the maturity process.
Our 5-Step Process
How to setup your account
Open your account

An initial conversation or conversations with one of our experienced representatives will help us understand exactly what you are looking to achieve from your investment in the cask whiskey market and how we might help you do that.

Select your Casks

Based on our discussions we will present you with portfolio options that we feel meet your criteria and expectations. Whether you have a medium or long term goal there are always attractive cask opportunities available.

Complete verification

Once you have decided on the option that you want, and are happy to proceed, our compliance team will then request the relevant information we require from you and provide you with payment instructions. 

Complete ownership

We will provide you with your full ownership certificates and documentation. Your casks will be held in a secure bonded warehouse facility where it will be fully insured.


We pride ourselves on our after care. Your account manager will be providing you with regular updates on your portfolio and developments within the whiskey market keeping you fully uptodate.

Safe Storage, Secure Accessibility

Your single or collection of whisky casks will be appropriately stored and fully insured in bonded warehouses until they are sold or transported for bottling.

You are welcome to visit your cask at any time. Bonded Warehouse facilities allow secure access to our clients, facilities are fully operational and require reserved appointments. Your dedicated account manager will provide full assistance in arranging your visit.

Exit Options

As you are the owner of your whisky, it will always be your final decision on how and when to liquidate your portfolio.

We are true believers in maturing Whisky for as long as possible, time has shown both quality and value increase substantially, with premium Casks being over a decade old.

Sell to private investors or collectors

We often approach other investors and collectors who are looking to add aged whisky to their own portfolios. These investors will typically pay a premium not to have to wait for maturity from new make whisky. Whisky  10 years old or more is typically most attractive.

Sell at auction

All of the most reputable auction houses, globally, offer their services in the sale of rare and desirable spirits still casked and stored in bonded warehouses. With record prices being broken in 2021 on a regular basis.

Independent brands for bottling

As the market grows, new brands of whisky will be hitting the shelves each year. These fledgling companies don't often own or partner with distilleries and look to purchase aged whisky that is ready to be bottled immediately.

Distilleries also buy back casked whisky they produce when supply is low, although this may not be the quickest route to market for you it can be one of the most profitable.

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