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The Heritage Cask Co.

Using our experience and knowledge we support our clients to recognise the best opportunities available within the cask whisky markets.

Through our established relationships and networks we offer access to off market whisky casks typically unattainable to private collectors/investors.

Who we are
The Heritage Cask Co. is a new company based on old values.
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With family connections that go back into the whisky trade over 30 years, we are uniquely positioned to obtain some of the rarest and most sought-after whisky casks.

It is our access to these off the market whiskey casks that really set us apart from our competitors and establish us as one of the best-positioned companies to work within this sector.

Why Whisky?

Offering both low risk and steady tax-free growth, the appeal of whisky is becoming ever more popular with investors around the globe.

As your investment partner, we will work on your behalf across the very best distilleries to access and deliver the most profitable  Irish and Scottish whisky casks on the market.

Market at a glance

Why we believe Whisky is an important portfolio asset.

Scotland is home to more than 20 million casks of maturing whisky.
44 bottles of Whisky are exported from the UK every second
The value of Scotch Whisky exports reached $4.5bn in 2021
By 2025, the global whisky market is forecast to reach £73 billion


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