Distillery Focus: Bunnahabhain

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The history of Bunnahabhain Distillery dates back to 1881.

The history of Bunnahabhain Distillery dates back to 1881 when the Islay Distillery Company, led by James Ford and William Robertson, decided to establish a new distillery on the northeastern coast of the island. The location they chose was Bunnahabhain, a picturesque village known for its serene surroundings and natural harbour.

Location: Scotland
Region: Islat
Founded: 1881
Status: Active
Distillery Output: 5,600,000l


Bunnahabhain Distillery is a celebrated producer of single malt Scotch whisky, situated in the scenic village of Bunnahabhain on the captivating Isle of Islay.

Construction of the distillery began in 1882, and it was designed by the famous architect Charles C. Doig, known for his work on several other distilleries in Scotland. Bunnahabhain was positioned to take advantage of the abundant supply of water from the Margadale Springs and the proximity to the Sound of Islay, which provided access for shipping whisky casks.

Bunnahabhain is renowned for using a different method than some of its neighbouring distilleries to produce an Islay whisky that is just mildly peated. Bunnahabhain stands out from other whiskies due to its distinctive flavour profile, which focuses on fruity and malty flavours while also exhibiting a light smokiness.

In order to attract collectors and whisky aficionados looking for distinctive Islay whisky expressions, Bunnahabhain Distillery has expanded its product line in recent years with limited edition releases and unusual cask finishes. Additionally embracing the trend of travel retail exclusives, the distillery also offers limited-edition special releases that are exclusively available in specific locales.

Bunnahabhain Distillery has produced outstanding single malt whiskies that capture the essence of Islay while staying faithful to its fundamental principles throughout its history. Bunnahabhain continues to be a popular and respected distillery among whisky connoisseurs all over the world thanks to its gorgeous setting, attention to quality, and commitment to innovation.


Flagship Collection:

  • 12-Year-Old Bunnahabhain
  • 18-Year-Old Bunnahabhain
  • 25-Year-Old Bunnahabhain
  • Toiteach A Dhà (peated expression)

Limited Edition Releases:

  • Moine Bordeaux Red Wine Cask Matured (peated)
  • Cruach Mhóna (peated)
  • Ceòbanach (peated)
  • Stiùireadair (no-age-statement)

Travel Retail Exclusive:

  • Eirigh Na Greine (peated)
  • An Cladach (no-age-statement)

Independent Bottlings:

Bunnahabhain whiskies are also available through various independent bottlers, offering unique expressions and limited releases beyond the distillery's core range.

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